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This service is only available to people in select countries. Therefore seek adequate information from our help desk before proceeding. 

We can pay with Paypal, Visa, Master Card, American Express and all other major Credit cards accepted world over. 

This page does not contain up to date information regarding the entire payment process and we do not promise to update content soon due to the frequency at which the transaction factors change. However the constant factors are herein explained.

We reserve the right to modify any part or the whole of our terms and condition without prior notice. We therefore strongly recommend that you contact our help desk for up to date information regarding your transaction.


How it works

  • Search out your products in your favorite dealers' site. 
  • Add them to cart.
  • Ascertain the shipping cost.
  • Add shipping cost to cost of goods.
  • Reach out to Wilma Store's contact for payment arrangement. 
  • Pay into designated account.
  • Receive and confirm your order receipt. 
  • Track your order via your merchant's means of shipping. 
  • Return to place some more order. 


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