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As a service of of a multi-facet mother-company, Wilma Stores was established in the year 2014. It has then evolved to a trusted and ever reliable shopping spot world over.

Wilma Stores is best know within the Washington, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland area for affordable home gadgets, general goods and beauty items. 

Our collections cover your Kitchen, Dinning, Bar, Bathroom, Gym and Fitness, Home Storage and Organization, Home décor, beauty, hygiene, Sanitation and Pet care items, car accessories and electronics. 

Within these collections you will find amazing products that will not only fascinate you, but make you experience our promise of delivering smiles...a promise as sure as the sun.


Trusted by over ten thousand daily shoppers within the United States of America, and fewer thousands across the globe, we are guided by our core values and success driver to deliver on our promise by ensuring a secured payment process and delivering as promised.


Happy Shopping. 

Wilma Stores.  




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