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Wilma Stores is a retail outlet. This terms and conditions is for the items in our free collections only. It does not in anyway represent or apply to any other collections on Wilma Stores. 

1. The items in this collections are free. It costs zero dollars to get any of them. 

2. Point one above notwithstanding, interested customer is responsible for the shipping cost (if applicable). 

3. Items in this collection are not in the best of shape. The collection include items that are partially damaged, near best by dates, not fully functional or missing parts.

4. Wilma Store's return policy does not apply to this collection. Items in this collection cannot be returned. 

5. This collection would at certain points be empty. Wilma Stores is not under any obligation to keep it populated at all times.

6. To qualify for this free item, you must make a purchase worth $100 and above. Be advised that your order will be shipped without the free item if your order does not qualify and Wilma Stores is not liable. 

7. Wilma Stores reserves the right to change a part or all of this policy without prior notice. 


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